Home Decor Ideas for Spring


Maybe Spring is just around the corner after all. Are you looking for home decor ideas for Spring to get your creative juices flowing?

When Spring arrives it encourages us to get something started. To do something new. Sometimes that is in the garden and other times the home.

The dark Winter months is the time to talk about ideas, to dream of that new extension to the house or a remodeling of your favorite room. As Winter gives way to Spring it is time to put the dreams and words into action.

Following is an extract from an article that has a few sources of inspiration.

Home Decor Ideas for Spring

Cincy Chic just had an event at A Village Gift Shop in Glendale, which is also home to Agricola Redesign. At the event, the owner, Diane Agricola, gave me some great tips and tricks, too. She said spring colors is alwaysHome Decor Ideas for Spring her go-to way to add spring to her step at home (she actually just wrote this article about how to incorporate the Pantone color of the year, emerald green).

Her shop also has some unique table runners, which are great for switching up the look of a room without a lot of fuss. I especially loved the cutting boards and bottle toppers that are slate that you can write on with chalk — how great would that be at a dinner party? Also great for a party are the paper runner and place mats that they had at our recent event (pictured above!) that gives you the look of a runner and place mats, without the worry of washing them!

And of course, April showers bring May flowers, so floral arrangements are a natural (literally) way to bring spring into your home! That can be through actual flowers or all the fun floral prints coming out on fabrics and accessories now. ….

Stay tuned for new hints and tips. Not just home decor tips for Spring but all seasons.

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